Technology use in ODL – What technologies are appropriate?


Choosing appropriate technology for open and distance learning (ODL) is an important and highly discussed issue in the recent years. While adopting more and more technologies is required to tighten (close)  the so-called quality gap between conventional classroom teaching and off-campus open and distance learning, it is equally important to consider the efficiency issues concerned with adopting a new technology – this paradoxical situation fits well with the realities in the developing countries. Although the inevitability of the adoption of educational technologies in ODL can no longer be questioned, there are various issues to consider such as cost. For the adoption of a new technology one has to carefully consider the cost for both the organization and the learner. Especially, in the resource poor developing countries, adoption of inappropriate technologies will create wastage of resources, incur huge maintenance costs and end up with quality shirking in the programmes. It is to be kept in mind that technology is not a means of learning; rather it is a means of learning engagement, resource sharing and communication. What technology one needs to use depends on the learning design. Learners’ context is crucial in this case.
Therefore, to ensure the meaningful practice of ODL, use of appropriate technologies is important. I use email, facebook and learning management system for resource sharing and better learner engagement!  Could you mention the names of the technologies that you use currently to help the hard-to-reach girls/women learn at their own pace? I am looking forward to your contribution in this regard.

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  1. Dear Mustafa
    Thank you very much for generating this discussion. You are very right in this regard. Use of appropriate technologies is very important. Its easy to share material with the educated people through social media and email. But i think its not an appropriate technology for the girls in the communities. So we need to design or create methods for ODL keeping in mind the interests of the audience. Street Theaters, Radio programs, video clips addressing the issue could be very useful. Secondly use of appropriate language is also very much important. If we develop the content in the local language of the community, it will be more effective.

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