Reaching the Hard2Reach Communities – How ODL can best fit?


Open and distance learning (ODL) is a method of learning that allows anyone to learn anytime from anywhere. Physical presence in face-to-face classroom is not an obligation in ODL system. Age, time, or place is not longer a barrier to learning. Suppose, Liza is 65 and she wants to learn; however, the conventional school system will not allow her to enroll because of her age. She can be assured that ODL will allow her.  The beauty of ODL is that Liza can have access to education without any restriction.  The term ‘Open’ in ODL indicates that learning is not restricted in anyway by age, time or place. ‘Distance’ indicates the physical separation between teacher and learners. So, in ODL, learner’s inclusion is the most crucial factor. The role of the teacher is the facilitation of the learning process using the learning resources and allowing the learners to study on their own .In this way the learners’ experiences are more independent and they are in full control of their studies. For the success of ODL system, meaningful engagement of learners is the most important factor, therefore a good learner support system, who will be responsive to learners’ needs is very important.
Therefore, ODL is a viable and only alternative to reach the hard-to-reach communities in the societies, especially girls and women. For me, ODL is a system of learning that allows someone to learn whenever she/he likes in any condition of life.  Could you share one of your experiences that ODL helped hard-to-reach girls/women change their life and livelihoods? I am looking forward to your contribution into the blog comment box.