Self Growth Sessions- Way Ahead To Positive Life


BEDARI BLOGThe Bedari team conducted self growth sessions with the girls in Muzaffargarh. Different topics were addressed in these sessions to help the girls to solve their daily life problems with confidence. After the sessions the girls shared their views . One of the girls said  that, after attending  the session on sexual harassment, she is being able to deal with this issue more confidently.  She shared her story of  a boy who  is harassing her on her way back to home from College. She was unable to share this problem with anybody at home as this was going to create problems for her. She might have to leave the college if she kept quiet about the issue. However, after the session on sexual harassment, she feels  confident to share this problem with her mother so that they can find a solution for her problem without disturbing her studies.

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  1. Very important effort .We need to aware our girls to keep an eye on their surroundings and never act like victims.

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