The sky is the limit, irrespective of your ability or disability

sana Akber

Sana Akbar, a 22-years old girl, comes from a poor family and lives with a disability due to polio. Due to her disability, she was exposed to a harsh life which included negative remarks about her leg which she cannot use and feeling she is a burden because she needs support to move from one place to the next and not getting a marriage proposal like other girls.
Sana completed her matriculation exam, but her father could not afford to pay for her further studies. She draws her biggest inspiration from her father who told her that she can do anything she dreams about.
Her neighbor told her about SPARC’s Vocational Training center where she could get free training. With her parents’ permission Sana enrolled for a beautician course and also attended the life skill basic education (LSBE) classes which was very helpful for improving her personal skills.
After a three-month course at SPARC center, the SPARC team facilitated the provision of an interest free loan from Akhowat Foundation, which enabled her to start her own business at home. Sana is very excited about her new life. She is able to support her family with her income and she enjoys her independence and being her own boss.
SPARC provides a safe environment for girls, especially those with disabilities, as their teachers and support staff always ensure that the girls feel safe and happy and are learning in a peaceful environment without them or their parents getting worried.