Shagufta Saleem, daughter of Muhammad Saleem is a resident of Jatoi City. Her father retired as a peon of a local government high school leaving the family with a modest household income. Sheikh by Caste, her family unit consists of one elder brother and two younger brothers and sisters. They reside in a kacha house on an area of 3 Marlas. Her father regarded education as important for his children so Shagufta had the opportunity of pursuing her education till F.A. (equivalent of high school or Grade 12) after which it was terminated due to financial constraints.
One day Shagufta heard about SPARC’s Vocational Center in Jatoi from the female social mobilizers visiting the locality. Upon hearing about the provision of different skills she wanted to avail the opportunity this presented.  She enrolled for the Beautician Course during the months 20-06-2016 to 20-08-2016.
In addition to her beautician course she made full use of the daily lectures of Life Skills and Basic Education (LSBE), which greatly contributed to her personal and professional development. These helped enhance and shape her interpersonal skills and boosted her confidence.  After completion of her course she expressed a desire to pursue a career in Media. Mr. Naeem Ahmad (SPARC’s Vocational Center’s, Project Coordinator) referred her to Nawa-e-Waqat Channel in Jatoi where she worked for two months as an internee.
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hMr. Sajjad Ahmad Malik, a Tehsil Reporter from Hamara Channel, Jatoi reported that Miss Shagufta Saleem referred by SPARC in September-2016 for internship in Media for two months was extremely hard working. He added that it was a good experience to have a girl from the grass roots level who possessed better understanding of the prevalent community issues. According to him she did her job efficiently, learned quickly and adjusted very well in the different professional environment. After completion of her internship tenure she was referred in Hamara Channel TV as a Deputy Bureau Chief in Muzaffargarh Jatoi. She is the first lady reporter from Muzzaffargarh District. She now gets a handsome salary from the TV Channel and is able to substantially support her family.
Shagufta Saleem and her family members are extremely grateful to SPARC & COL.