Fiza, a girl with dreams and aspirations

SPARC_Fiza Ajmal story

Fiza Ajmal, is a 22-year-old who resides in Fauji Colony Pirwadhai, Rawalpindi (Pakistan). She has two brothers and a sister, and they all live with their mother in a rented house. Her father died ten years ago and since then, her brothers are working in a garment shop to meet the household expenses, but they were still facing financial troubles. Fiza stays at home to look after their mother who is suffering from a serious disease.
Fiza completed her matriculation (ten years of schooling) but couldn’t afford to continue because of their mother’s health. She wanted to work and earn to assist her brothers because, aside from the daily household expenses, they have an expensive medical bill (of their mother) to cover for too. SPARC’s social mobilizers reached her, and she heard about SPARC’s free vocational training center. Fiza felt excited about the idea of learning a skill and being able to earn independently and improve her living standard so she immediately enrolled herself at the centre.
From the first day she showed a keen interest in the tailoring course. Throughout the training period she was punctual, hardworking and cooperative. Along with other classmates, Fiza also attended life skills-based education sessions which helped them to improve their confidence and getting comfortable with the trainers.
She has completed her training and is confident and satisfied with her achievement. She is utilizing her communication skills and developed linkages with the market. She is now able to use the computer and seek jobs for herself using the internet.
While she still aspires to continue her studies, she is using her new skills to make dresses to refine her skills as she plans to become a skill trainer in the future. With the money she makes, she is supporting her family and is saving for her education.
Her dream is to have her own skill training center where she will be an instructor in a formal tailoring and dress making course. For this she is planning to take a loan and she has worked out her future plans; while being aware of the possible risks she may face, she is determined to face any difficulties that might occur.
Fiza’s brothers support her too and they are very proud of her. They know that she is dedicated and has the passion and determination to accomplish her goals.
Fiza is thankful to GIRLS Inspire and SPARC for providing her with this opportunity to learn, as she is motivated and content about doing well in her future.