“Today I can write and read”


“My name is Lurdes Simão, I was born in the district of Cuamba in Niassa, I am 28 years old and had never attended a school before. My first steps towards literacy came at an advanced age, but I have learned a lot from the Adult Education Literacy project (AEL)”.
Deprived of schooling as a child, Mrs. Lurdes was a victim of this cruel reality early in the day when she lost her father, having followed her life with only her mother, who did not have enough conditions to put her in school. Born into a humble family, Lurdes was forced to join her mother in farming to provide food to feed her family.
When everything seemed that Mrs. Lurdes, at an old age, would end her destiny as she started (Unable to read and write), here comes the project of Literacy Adult Education to rescue the right lost as a child. With an open mind to learn, Mrs. Lurdes has overcome all her limitations and today she already knows how to write, read and count the numbers.
“I never imagined that one day I could write my name, but today I not only know how to write my name, but also I can read and help my children in school work. Today, when I go to the hospital, I can read and direct the door of the Pharmacy, the Emergency room, the Laboratory and in the nursery rooms, I can see and read the number of beds where my friends and family are hospitalized, thanks to the Literacy School”, saying Lurdes.
Mrs. Lurdes today encourages her friends to attend adult literacy classes to learn to read and write.