Mann Deshi Celebrated International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC) focusing on the “whole girl”

Dr. Sejal Modase giving information to Girls
Dr. Sejal Modase giving information to Girls

Fitness is important
Generally, we only saw men going to the gym and found that girls were not comfortable going to the gym. We wanted to use this day to share information with  girls on how to maintain a healthy body. We invited Neelam Sonath, who has a fitness club and is gym instructor in Dahiwadi, as a guest to our radio program. In a very interesting talk she infomed the listeners about the importance of fitness as part of self-protection. We are looking forward to seeing girls joining the gym.

Neelam Sonath (Gym trainer)

Healthy, hygienic bodies
Not many girls have information about personal hygiene, their menstrustaion cycle and Anemia. Dr. Sejal Modase was invited as gusest speaker to share information with the girls on Anemia and its implications as well as on their and mensuration cycle and personal hygiene. The students were informed about the importance of rather using sanitary pads instead of using the cloth pads. To reach more girls the program was recorded and broadcasted to different villages in the Mann Deshi community radio catchment area.
Dr. Sejal Modase giving information to girls

Using culture to Build confidence
The project team visited a school to celebrate the IDGC (International Day Girls Child). Girls were invited to sing folk songs from their community, and many participated. The songs were recorded and played on the Tarang wahini (Radio programme). After listening to their voices on the radio, the girls were overjoyed. A sense of confidence was built in them.
Girls singing folk song

Gauri Limaye, an Archery player from the project area was invited to share her experiences on a radio program. She introduced herself and shared the details of the game. She shared her experience on how other children in the area can also play at the National and International Level and how she overcame the challenges on her way to success. She is an inspiration to many girl children in the area now.
Gauri Limays Archery player

Mhsawad branch’s theme for the IDGC self-defense. Most of the girls do not have the knowledge how to defend themselves when they are in danger, and maybe in bigger danger because they cannot protect themselves. Rohit Dowkare, a Martial Arts teacher was invited to conduct a self defence training session. Rohit is an experienced trainer on the self-defence and has been a trainer many years. The girls enjoyed the training.
Self-defense tranning by Rohit Dowkare