GIRLS Inspire Pre-PCF8 Meeting


The 8th Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF8) Conference is currently in full swing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to discuss the role of Open, Online and Flexible Learning in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Before this took place, the GIRLS Inspire team from across Asia and Africa came together to reflect, collaborate and strategise on the way forward to end the harmful cycle of child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) through open and distance learning (ODL).
The two-day pre-PCF8 meeting for the GIRLS Inspire team covered progress made so far in Bangladesh, India, Mozambique, Pakistan and Tanzania. Partners shared and discussed the strategies used for tackling the issue of CEFM from all angles – within organisations, within communities and amongst women and girls.
Bedari, Pakistan, for example, shared their strategy for street theatre in villages to raise awareness amongst communities. Mann Deshi, India talked about their community radio approach for teaching financial literacy and life skills. ADPP Mozambique shared their mechanisms for effective identification of women and girls at risk of CEFM in communities and villages. Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha (SSS), Bangladesh shared their resource development strategy to ensure that the learning needs of women and girls are met. The Institute of Adult Education, Tanzania shared their approach to technology integration in the baseline data collection process in order to establish the needs of women and girls. The list goes on.
This forum of sharing and reflection was an important milestone to look back on the collective efforts made since the start of the GIRLS Inspire project in January 2016. Some of these photos here are of the History Wall created by the partners to reflect on achievements, lessons learned and milestones over this past year.
img_4413 img_4420 img_4422 img_4424 img_4425 img_4428
To view the full event album, visit our Flickr and learn more about how the GIRLS Inspire team is using open and distance learning (ODL) to tackle the cycle of child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) by visiting and registering on our online Community of Practice at We also invite you to learn more about the PCF8 Conference on this link and follow the discussion on how open, online and flexible learning will address Sustainable Development.
Lead photo:
Back row (left to right): Suprakash Paul, SSS; Dr. Godfrey Mnubi, IAE; Helvia Momade, Progresso; Frances Ferreira, COL; Hurain Jannat, CMES; Erick Mwamula, KIWOHEDE; Sadia Hussain, SPARC
Middle row (left to right): Vanita Shinde, Mann Deshi; Sabeen Almas, SPARC; Mrs Daisy Hassan, CMES; Raffat Shuja, Bedari, Mzikazi Ntuli, ADPP
Front row (left to right): Mohammed Rezwan, SSS; Safeer Ullah Khan, Bedari; Kuntal De, Mann Deshi

3 thoughts on “GIRLS Inspire Pre-PCF8 Meeting”

  1. I believe that through these forums, each participating organization and individuals in particular, not only learn new things but also enhance experience, give insights on technically know how in dealing with Girls and Women differently. I personally appreciate the work done by Bedar Pakistani, Mann Deshi India and ADPP Mozambique. Great work!!!

  2. Md. Shahariar Alam

    Nice to see all of the known and unknown face in one frame. This is a remarkable work by COL that they successfully make their partners to exchange their experiences. Appreciate to all of the organization, COL and individuals for their contribution.

  3. It’s wonderful to see these photos! I’m truly honored to being part of the pre-conference and I learn a lot from all the hard working partners and individuals. This conference gives me insights and know ledges how to deal with Girls and Women differently. I must say this is a remarkable work by COL to bring us all together to exchange and share experiences.

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