Education – a beacon of hope!


My name is Shama. I am 14 years old. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. At this young age, I have experienced some very harsh realities of life. My entire childhood was spent between the fights of my parents and then their separation was not less than a shock for me. My mother remarried and my father left us with our mother. My education went in a limbo and because of the situation at home, I became sick. It affected me both mentally and physically. My mother tried to engage me in immoral activities. She wanted me to marry people for money and then take divorce from them the very next day. But I refused to be a part of it. Due to lack of attention from my parents, I got involved with a boy in my neighbors. Our relationship grew stronger and I got pregnant out of marriage. My life became more miserable. My mother started looking for proposals and preparing for my marriage. Fortunately or unfortunately, I lost my unborn child. I went through a difficult process of miscarriage and I was in an agony.
One day Saira Baji, women education activist from my area, came to our house along with Ms. Farwa, who is a representative from Bedari. They asked me to quit the idea of marriage and continue my education. Ms. Farwa told me that I was too young to get pregnant as my body was not ready for a child. My early age was the reason behind my miscarriage. I was conscious to go back to school and was not ready for it. Saira baji repeatedly told my mother that my age for marriage is not appropriate and education is more important for me. My mother was not able to afford the expenses for my education so she was reluctant. Saira Baji asked that she will volunteer for my educational expenses. It took almost 6 months for them to convince us and finally I agreed. Saira baji took me to a school and helped me in securing admission over there. I was admitted to grade 5 and today was my first day at the school.
I am glad that I was supported by Saira Baji and Bedari. If not, I would have been married to some elderly person. My life has always been very cruel to me but now I can say that dark days do not remain with us. I am sure my education will empower me in ways I can’t even imagine.

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  1. What a moving story! I am so happy that Bedari’s path crossed with Shama’s. I hope that she will grow stronger and succeed with her studies.

  2. Worth Sharing story that aspire to work more towards women and girls education and economic empowerment for sustainability future.

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