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Nasira Hanif is a bonafied employ of SPARC. She has been working as a non-formal education teacher in SPARC centre for street children since 2012.
30 year old Nasira Hanif lives in Dhoke Hassu, near CSC, Rawalpindi. After the death of her father, she is the only member of her family, who is working and earning for her family. She is the sole bread earner of her family. Her mother and her elder brother are sick. Her younger brother is trying hard to get some opportunity but all in vain. She has three kids of her elder brother to bring up for which she is struggling hard.
When Nasira joined SPARC she was only a graduate. With an urge to succeed and move forward she got admission in Allama Iqbal Open University open distance learning program. She completed her M.ED while she was doing her job. She worked hard for this. She also got an opportunity to do a computer course. With this she improved her skills a lot.
Nasira has tremendous aptitude for learning. She has a very creative sense of art. She uses her creativity to make learning fun for street children. She creates many innovative activities and things to do for street children. She has an optimistic and positive attitude towards learning. She draws and paints many beautiful things for the under privileged children.
With CSC Children
COL has provided an excellent opportunity of learning for women empowerment. She attended a training of candle making, conducted by SPARC.The training was given by an expert Mrs. Grace. Nasira attended the training with great devotion and learned this new skill of candle making .After learning, she started using her abilities and skills and made candles of different types. She experimented in it and used her creativity to make candles more attractive and beautiful. She used her skills and started to train others for this skill under the COL project. She trained more than 250 girls in candle making skills. She went to different areas of the community and trained girls in marketable skills to help them provide for their families. This helps boost their level of confidence and morale, enhances their abilities and helps prepare them for life.
Candle Making Training
Nasira became a role model for the community girls and women who enjoyed her teaching style and later saw her as an inspiration. Nasira also got many opportunities for her capacity building and career development. She has attended many seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and other learning opportunities to make herself more skillful for multiple tasking. She has attended a training workshop on truck art. She made bags and did hand embroidery also. Those bags were exhibited in different exhibitions and people by them. A real success story Nasira has had admirable personal development and has inspired many of her peers and students.

Day Out with the CSC children
Day Out with the CSC children

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