Be open to ask any challenges and doubts you have

Be open to ask any challenges and doubts you have

For effective learning and for the mass awareness, Group Discussion is very important. It is a mutual gain of knowledge for all the participating members. When we try to develop and arrange awareness on the issue of socio-economic development we also develop our own views and own understanding on that issue. But, for better understanding and getting effective impact is also needed to participatory discussion with the stakeholders. For getting better result, the Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES) arranges group discussion with the participants along with the Gender Facilitator, Technical Trainers and peer leaders.

In a Group Discussion, more than one brain thinks and gives their views and opinions on the topic. Thus we can benefit our stakeholders with different angles to think and consider on the same topic and incorporate all these points.

For better understanding and getting effective result on the Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) issue, we have to incorporate all the stakeholders through meetings, seminars, workshops, online activities, awareness promotions, group discussions, rally, campaign etc.

Now the question is: how Group Discussion with the Stakeholders can benefit CEFM project?

Can you share your idea, views, experiences, challenges, lesson learning and outcomes regarding this task?

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