A support for the way ahead

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  • It is goo to know about such initiatives. As we all are working for the same motive, we must appreciate and support each other. It is very good to see a bank involved in and working as a support to women. All the best!

  • Thanks Kuntal for this important blog. I think Manndeshi is doing a great job. Training is not enough to see the girls engaged in economic activities, they must have ownership on capital. Otherwise, they may suffer initially if their business is totally on loan – it is certainly not encouraging or good for motivation. Also, saving habit will help them become financially disciplined! Once they will go to save, they will learn how to maximize the economic use of their capital. They will learn how make choices in their businesses and family consumption as well!
    Congrats Manndeshi for the great drive!

  • Parabens a esta fundaçao mandesh pela iiciativas e criativiadede em trabalhar com projectos que tem a mesma visao e mesma misao porque a final de conta o importante é tirarmos as raparigas vulneraveis dando lhes habilidades para vida e empoderando-as dos seus sonhos para um futuro brilhante.