Rupali poster

You may remember seeing this poster in Kuala Lumpur. Rupali is truly one of our poster girls. She has maintained her account and went through the advanced financial literacy training. A day back she got her debit card; this would also enable her to transact digitally. And rightly Rupali believes her next step must be digital literacy. She believes a smartphone could be much more than just a communication device for her. It could change her future.
Photo: Rupali on the right. Credit: Mann Deshi Foundation, India
Mann Deshi Foundation 
Established in 1996, the Mann Deshi Foundation empowers rural women by supplementing the Bank’s financial service offerings with training, capacity building, skills development, awareness programmes and information sharing.
Mann Deshi Bank and Mann Deshi Foundation are independent institutions with similar mission and vision. Mann Deshi Bank, one of India’s largest women’s cooperative banks, is run by women, for women. Mann Deshi delivers a range of financial services – loans, savings, pension and insurance products – to unbanked, rural Indian women with very limited formal education, enabling them to finance their own businesses and to purchase property. Since the bank has been established, over 200,000 women in Maharashtra have been supported.
The Mann Deshi Foundation and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) are working in collaboration through the GIRLS Inspire project to empower girls and women who would otherwise not have access to skills-based and life skills learning due to labour migration, early marriage, distance to school, security concerns and costs of schooling.
Learn more about Mann Deshi here.

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  1. Mostafa Azad Kamal

    Dear Kuntal,
    It is indeed a great bog. Rupali is certainly a simple of inspiration and promise for others. She is in right direction of her thoughts and actions in this digital era. I believe her strength is her strong willingness for change and ability to embrace the instruments and benefits of the digital innovations.
    I believe this story will inspire others to make them more active and skilled in extracting the benefits of digital innovations.
    Thanks again for this highly valuable blog.
    Best regards,

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